Sydney Photo Diary | Surry Hills, Paddington and Darling Harbour

August 17, 2013

I really like the idea of being above the clouds. There's something very peaceful about it, until, however, you get jolted back to reality when the turbulence hits. If you follow me on pretty much any of my social media platforms, you'll know I'm currently in Sydney. Now I haven't been to Sydney since I was about 3 so I'm doing everything touristy that I possibly can.
Today I focused my touristing on Surry Hills and Paddington because my research had told me that they are excellent places to go shopping. I started in Surry Hills but was fairly disappointed when I didn't find anything. Maybe I was just looking in the wrong places - who knows. I then made my way to Paddington, which is where the fun really began!
I spent the afternoon trawling shops that are way out of my price range but pretending I can afford them, and enjoying the South Yarra-esque Paddington. I then hit the jackpot when I found a beautiful Parisian jewellery designer called Les Nereides, which I've decided to do a whole blog post about rather than featuring them here.
After spending too much money, I headed back to Darling Harbour to blog (unsuccessfully) and grab a bite to eat whilst enjoying the beautiful Sydney skyline view.

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  1. Yeah there's not really any shopping in Surry Hills - great for food though! The stereotypical shopping hub is Pitt St Mall, try QVB for something different! :)

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! I actually already went to Pitt St and QVB yesterday, but this blog post is about 2 days old haha.

      Marlee xx

  2. Cool pictures ! So dreamy !

  3. I love that graffiti with the dalmatian and the crow, its a really nice photo. I also love your camera!! Such nice shots, do you use it on manual or auto? (This is Maddie btw, and I want a blog on vidinc!!)