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September 28, 2013

We've had these tickets to see Foals for about 5 months now, just sitting there, waiting for the actual concert. Last night was finally the time to bust those bad boys out from the drawer and actually use them. I was really excited when I found out Alpine were supporting Foals because they're an amazing up and coming Aussie band with some great summery tracks. I've been listening to their album A Is For Alpine for months now. They definitely didn't disappoint. I was super impressed with how well the 2 lead singers' voices worked together.
It was finally time for Foals, and this is where I may start a bit of a rant. I haven't seen Foals since 2010 when the only song anyone knew was Spanish Sahara (which incidentally is one my favourite songs of all time) so I was super excited to have a sing-a-long. We'd got there early and managed to get really close to the front, although, as soon as Foals started, we knew we were in the wrong place. Last time I saw them everyone was very chill and having a great time, last night there was WAY too much testosterone in the room and anyone who was small (ie. me) got crushed instantly. 
I quickly pushed to the back and found a step that gave me an alright view. I was very surprised by the audience though. Since when did Foals become a bogan band? Not to take away from how good Foals are, they're amazing. But seriously, so much testosterone in one room! 
Towards the end of the gig, (a very high) Yannis decided it would be a fun idea to dive from the balcony into the audience. I think this may be something he does at a lot of gigs though. 
On our way out, my friend who had previously bought an Alpine tshirt ran into the two singers and had a major fan girl moment. They were really sweet, even though he could barely talk.
Overall, Foals and Alpine were amazing. The audience was not. If I see Foals again, it will be at an outdoor festival where I can escape the crazy giants all around me. 

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