October 4, 2013

I feel like we're on the set of Australia The Movie! Said Fran as we wandered down the hill towards the Studley Park Boathouse.

Today we decided to go on a little adventure to Yarra Bend. We ever so proudly got on a bus in the city and headed off on our way, only to find that we (by we I mean I) had boarded the wrong one... But never fear! Out of complete coincidence and luck, we managed to find the right one whilst sweatily walking up a hill in the Melbourne suburb of Kew. 
Somehow, we managed to actually find our way to the Boathouse and decided after our hike and somewhat of a failure to use public transport, we would buy a carb-y (technical term) lunch! We both had a chicken panini with chips and a salad, which was delicious (but a little pricey)! We then sat for a while, getting our bearings and admiring the quintessential Australian bush that lay before us. 
It was soon time to return to our adventuring as we headed towards the suspension bridge crossing the Yarra River. It proved a great place for happy snaps and watching the people attempting to row the boats on the river below. 
Despite our transportation troubles, Yarra Bend turned out to be a successful adventure. Quite a fitting place to take my favourite English expat during her last month of being in Australia. It's hard to believe that this little country oasis is only 10 minutes out of the Melbourne CBD. Well, that's if you don't get lost...

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