October 1, 2013

When I found out my best friend was planning to go into uni on her birthday, I was like oh no you don't! This simply won't do! and dragged her (quite willingly) into the city to visit QV's Glasshouse. The Glasshouse is a pop-up indoor garden and cafe right in the heart of Melbourne serving tea (or lemonade) and cake for only $5! It also plays host to a variety of other events including being transformed into a butterfly enclosure, champagne nights and Petite Green Terrarium demonstrations. Without really planning it, we managed to see one of the Terrarium demonstrations which was super cute!
Okay so back to the $5 tea and cake. There were a lot of choices although I generally can't pass up anything chocolate, so I went for a scrumptious and moist (yes I used that word) chocolate mud cake with tea called Provincial (I think). It was very floral and was supposed to remind you of the French countryside. My friend went for the carrot cake, which I mocked, but it was actually really good, and a Sanpellegrino blood orange fizzy drink. 
A fairly unflattering photo of moi but who cares. Also my bestie and I were Karen Walker sunny buddies today! I swear she was happier than she looks... 
This was the finished Terrarium complete with brightly coloured plastic dinosaurs! The QV Glasshouse is only open until Thursday the 10th of October so get in quick and check it out! For a full schedule of events, click here

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