Mrs. Peacock In The Conservatory

October 21, 2013

I literally did not know that the Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory existed until yesterday when I read Fashion Hayley's post, and when Fran messaged me and wanted to do something that didn't cost much money, I knew this would be perfect. The Fitzroy Gardens are located on the edge of the Melbourne CBD, so how I didn't know this was here is ridiculous to me. But never the less, we jumped on a tram and went to explore the gorgeous landscaping. I also used it as a great excuse to test out the macro setting on my new DSLR camera!
 - So much pretty! -
After the conservatory, which was pretty much the main attraction, we went for a stroll to see what else we could find. We found this statue of dolphins, pigeons, owls and other sea creatures on a rock. Standard oceanic scene. We also found some adorable black fluffy ducklings swimming around the pond, which we watched for a good 15 minutes.
We slowly headed back to the tram, exploring all the hidden gardens along the way, and went back into the city for some coffee and cake. 

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