Gotye And His Collaborators

November 18, 2013

I've now listened to Somebody That I Used To Know 1,303 times since adding it to my iTunes over two years ago. Obsessed is an understatement. Melbourne Music Week is in full swing and as soon as I saw that there was an event on featuring Gotye, I knew I couldn't miss it. This panel was all about his amazing video clips and the talented people behind them.
The video clips that were being focused on were some of his animated ones including State Of The Art and Seven Hours With A Back Seat Driver, the stop motion masterpiece that is Easy Way Out, and of course the iconic Somebody That I Used To Know. Each production agency showed us a short behind the scenes video of the production process and we got to see insights into each creation. This included what Gotye was really wearing on the bottom half of him in STIUTK. It wasn't as saucy as you think haha.
I'd already seen the Oh Yeah Wow guys talk about Easy Way Out but I was very interested in hearing about the global phenomenon that was Somebody That I Used To Know. The directer Natasha Pincus of starkraving productions spoke about how she came up with the concept and how she knew the video clip had to be very raw and exposed to match the tone of the song. It took 2 very long days to create it and, well, the rest is history.

I really loved this event and I can't wait to go to some more Melbourne Music Week events this week!

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