Melko's Second Birthday

November 20, 2013

Last night made in Brazil store Melko invited us along to come celebrate their second birthday. The first thing you noticed when entering the store was all the bright colours and amazing patterns of the clothing. I was drawn instantly to this magenta coloured skirt and was pleasantly surprised by how soft the material was. We were also joined by Alice Zaslavsky of MasterChef Australia who was whipping up some delicious Latin-American treats for us!
After perusing the store for a bit and nibbling on baked goods, we were given goodie bags with gorgeous colourful beaded necklaces in them. We quickly got them out and flung them around our necks, and then were treated to a how-to guide to wearing them. I was pretty boring and just hung it around my neck, but there were heaps of other ways you could twist, knot and plait them together with multiple colours to create different looks.
What I always wear. This is why I'm not a fashion blogger. Oh, and the beads!
Thanks to the Melko girls for inviting me along and giving me a small taste of Brazil and Fitzroy.

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