Under The Sea

November 3, 2013

Yesterday I said goodbye to Fran who, as I type this, is at the Melbourne Airport about to board her plane to New Zealand, and then home to England. But before she left, I made sure she saw the Melbourne Aquarium. Also I love the aquarium! The Melbourne Aquarium has recently undergone a refurbishment with several new exhibits and upgrades to older ones. Except they got rid of one of my favourite exhibits, the jellyfish room!
One enclosure I hadn't seen before is this mega crocodile swamp, and he was mega. This is one creature that I'm totally fine with not seeing in the wild. I normally don't like big animals being kept in small enclosures but with most captive crocodiles, they've attacked humans before and need to be relocated before they wreak more havoc.
The Leafy Sea Dragons are always one of my favourite animals to see because I've been snorkeling with them before. If you think they're difficult to spot in the tank, imagine trying to see them in the ocean with a lot more seaweed blocking your view.
And then possibly the best enclosure... PENGUINS! If you don't like penguins, there's something wrong with you. They've got to be one of the coolest (pun intended) animals on the planet. Today there were lots of babies preening their baby fluff off and adults nesting.
We spent about 10 minutes watching these little guys swimming about. Above the pool stood an Emperor Penguin who was eying off the pool and we so wished he jumped in, but he just stood there.
The Melbourne Aquarium is something you do very occasionally because it's so damn expensive. I think it's just been bought out by the company that owns the Sydney Aquarium and they've jacked up the ticket prices. I was not impressed with this. However in saying that, it is good fun and a must-do if you're visiting Melbourne. Or if you live here and just haven't been before.

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