Christmas In Australia

December 27, 2013

Christmas: Australia vs England

Like most people, Christmas is a family affair for me. This involves driving to my Uncle's house for lunch and devouring plate-full after plate-full of nibbles. This year we had our classic cheese platter with the crazy fake seafood mix stuff I love so much, and a few other things. I only realised half way into eating it that I was meant to take a photo, so here it is half eaten haha.
We then moved onto our seafood tradition with cooked prawns (which I took no part in. ew) and oysters kilpatrick. I was feeling adventurous and had one oyster, but it was pretty gross so I doubt I'll go near them again anytime soon. We washed this all down with some delicious Brown Brothers Prosecco. My favourite! My Auntie also made delicious spring rolls which we devoured rather quickly also.
We let all of that settle and sat in the backyard chatting whilst my Grandma and Auntie foraged around in my Uncle's veggie garden for some fresh greens. Lunch consisted of the freshly picked salad, cold turkey, roast beef, Asian-style sticky rice, bread rolls and potato salad.
We then retreated back to the backyard to soak up the sun on the gorgeous 31C day. It was soon time for dessert which was homemade Pavlova topped with strawberries, kiwi fruit, apricot (I think), cherries and a crushed choc-mint chocolate bar. This is probably the highlight of the day. I had two pieces :)

Quirky Circus Dress | Topshop Shawl | Wittner Sandals | Valleygirl Rose Bracelet
Here's an awkward photo of what I'm wearing whilst nursing my food-baby. Totally worth it. This blog post was originally going to be an England vs Australia post with Fran from Then Lets Begin, but we decided to do our own posts. Check out her post here!

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