Socks & Sandals

January 20, 2014

Internet, am I doing it right? 

Socks and sandals have been a pretty big fashion no-no for as long as I can remember, however I've noticed a bit of a surge in the popularity of this look thanks to some of the world's biggest fashion bloggers. Now I tend to have a problem with shoes in that if they give me blisters when I buy them, chances are they will always give me blisters. However I've found that this socks and sandals trick might be my answer. The only question is, does it actually look good or is it just wishful thinking?
I've worn the first combination a couple of times with black jeans and a black shirt and I'm quite happy with how it looks. Please tell me if any of the other combinations are worth taking for a test run? I also really like the combination below (brown sandals, grey watermelon socks) and I'm thinking I might rock this for this year's St Jerome's Laneway Festival.
The white sandals are Windsor Smith, and the brown sandals are London Rebel. All the socks are from Cotton On Body or Rubi Shoes (part of the Cotton On Group).

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