St Kilda Festival Sunday 2014

February 12, 2014

♫ Listening // Lester The Fierce - Howl

After working at the St Kilda Festival all week, I was a bit over crowds of people, so I decided to stick to a couple of the smaller stages. Also, my friend who I was working for programmed these stages and gave me tips on which bands I would most enjoy.
The first band I saw was Private Life. An indie/synth/pop band from Melbourne. These guys were awesome and built up a crowd and got them dancing in no time at all.
The other artist I saw was a singer by the name of Lester The Fierce. I'd had her EP on repeat all morning and was really looking forward to seeing her live. She completely smashed any expectations I had and I loved every second of it. Anita Lester has got to be one of the most talented singers I've ever seen. To me she's a bit of a mix between Florence Welch, Kimbra and Foxes, but also completely unique.
I finished off the day watching Bob Evans, who I've never seen as a solo artist, only in his band Jebediah. After that I just chilled with friends and enjoyed the sunshine :)

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