High Tea // Adelphi Hotel

March 2, 2014

When I received the email inviting me to high tea at Adelphi Hotel in Melbourne, I hastily grabbed my phone, called work, and told them I'm no longer available to work on Sunday. Our high tea experience was to be held at Adelphi's dessert bar Om Nom (best name ever!) with a room full of bloggers and media guests. The first thing you noticed when entering the hotel was the gorgeous interior design and decoration. I was quite captivated by this seat/swing that was suspended from the ceiling. When I'm rich, I'm totally putting one of these in my house.
Our goodies arrived on a traditional three-tiered stand, however this high tea is far from traditional. We were treated to vegetable tempura, savory macarons, peanut butter, chocolate and raspberry gateau, mango profiteroles and much, much more! I was sat at a table with my friend, editor of Fashion Journal Leah White and her sister. We didn't wait at all to get stuck into the food and I'm pretty sure we were the first table to polish off the whole thing.
After the high tea, we got to take a quick peak into one of the hotel rooms, which was to die for! I would absolutely love for my bedroom to look like this. However I think the highlight of the room was the snack jar, which is included in the room fee so you can eat the whole thing!
Thank you so much to the Adelphi Hotel and Soda Communications for inviting us to such a scrumptious event. We'll definitely be back!

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