H&M Melbourne

April 9, 2014

Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long one. I finally gave in and went to embrace all that the new H&M Melbourne store has to offer. I kept seeing these unbelievable photos on the internet and literally could not wait any longer. I had to wait for about 20mins just to get in to the store, but it was worth it. The store is absolutely gorgeous! They've kept the awe-inspiring architecture of this old building and made it look shiny and new. I don't think Melbourne has any stores that can quite rival the enormity of this store, other than our department stores.
The biggest problem wasn't that you had to wait to get it, or they didn't have enough stock, it was that you had to wait like half an hour to try anything on. So because of this I didn't end up buying any clothing, although I did try a lot of it on over the top of what I was wearing. I have fallen completely in love with the black and white dress pictured below, which gives me a good excuse to go back for more shopping.
As well as all the clothes, shoes and accessories, H&M also have a gorgeous homewares departments that was definitely fueling my current succulent/cactus obsession.
As I said, I didn't buy any clothes, but I did buy a couple of bracelets. One is gold with a LOVE charm (AU$5.95), and the other is a chunky star, moon and planet bracelet (AU$12.95).
I will be going back hopefully next week so let's see how much money I spend then. I'm so happy that H&M has opened up in Melbourne, hopefully River Island and Urban Outfitters will follow!

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