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April 19, 2014

I was invited to an opening event for a store at the Emporium that I'd never heard of before. I looked on the website, seemed kinda cool, but I really didn't know what to expect. It wasn't until I actually got there that I could appreciate how awesome it is! Move Store takes the functionality of electronics and the aesthetics of fashion and fuses them together to create a genius hybrid that's irresistible. They've recently teamed up with the brilliant Aussie fashion blogger Jasmin Howell of Friend In Fashion to show that technology can be just as much of a fashion accessory as a bag or jewellery.
As soon as I entered the store, I was drawn like a magnet to the Romance Was Born collection. I mean, how could you not be? It's amazing! What amazed me even more is they have covers for Samsung phones, not just iPhones, so naturally I couldn't say no. I splurged and got myself a case which I am in love with!
These seemingly normal clutches were one of my favourite products as well. Not only are they very stylish, but they have phone chargers inside them that give two days worth of charge! Some serious genius there!
But of course the whole reason we were there was to celebrate their latest collaboration with Australian designer Dion Lee (above). Much like the Romance Was Born cases, they cater for both Samsung and iPhone, as well as iPad/tablet cases. Dion Lee's designers were obviously more masculine than the Romance Was Born (below) cases with black leather and blue dotted lines. Unfortunately my photos don't quite show up the detail.
Move Store is definitely a great place to go if you're shopping for that person who has everything. They even stock Apple products! Look out for my next blog post where I'll be giving away some of the products from Move! 

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