Chuckle Park

May 4, 2014

Who doesn't love a good hipster cafe? They always look amazing and have the best food! Chuckle Park, in the Melbourne CBD, is easily one of the best hipster cafes in this fine city. Before this visit, I'd only had drinks here, but I kept seeing a Pulled Pork and Coleslaw salad burger on the menu which sounded pretty much like the best thing ever! So of course, on this visit, where I actually got the sit down and have a meal, I got this incredible looking and tasting melt-in-your-mouth burger.
Like all the best places in Melbourne, Chuckle Park is down a laneway and is an outdoorsy cafe with (fake) grass under your feet and twinkly lights in the sky. The kitchen is an adorable little caravan and there's plenty of cosy little corners to snuggle up next to the heaters to have a drinks and a bite to eat.

I still can't stop thinking about that burger. I don't think it's going to be too long before I go back to devour another one.

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