Surf World & The Great Ocean Road // #RoadTripMelbourne

May 24, 2014

I started the day bright and early, well, dark and early, at 5.45am, when the sun was still struggling to rise, and made my way into the city to meet Marta. To my surprise, when I got there I found out that one of the lovely ladies who helped organise this whole trip, Marina, was also coming with us. We left Melbourne and started to head towards the sun, surf and sand!
Our first stop was Surf World, a surf museum in the beach-side town of Torquay. We were greeted by a very enthusiastic and very knowledgeable man named Craig who gave us a guided tour. He spoke about surfing's roots in Hawaii and how it made it's way to Australia, how the surf competition at Bells Beach - now the Rip Curl Pro - is the longest running surf competition in the world and about their surfing Hall of Fame.
As of December last year, Surf World have been celebrating their 20th birthday with an amazing display of surf photography, art, old advertising and memorabilia. They even have one of Kelly Slater's trophies on display! (Kelly Slater being one of the most successful surfers ever).
Since we were in the area, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit Bells Beach, and her neighbour Winkipop. The weather was perfect for having a quick look at these iconic beaches and we proceeded to take about 100 photos each. We were also lucky enough to see some guys surfing, and for Marina, it was the first time she'd ever seen surfing.
We continued on our travels, stopping along the way at some iconic landmarks including the Great Ocean Road sign and Kennett River, where we were lucky enough to see a wild Koala up close and personal. This was also the first time Marina had ever seen a Koala. Let's just say she got a little excited.
In the afternoon we went for a guided tour at a place called the Great Ocean Egolodge. Now I've managed to fall deeply in love with this place, the animals and the amazing work that the people there do, so I've decided I'm going to write an entire post about it in the next week or so. 

It was soon time to head back to Apollo Bay, as we were all exhausted, to stay at The International. We also had a delicious meal at a local restaurant called La Bimba, famous for it's seafood dishes.

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