Tower Hill Reserve & Brambuk Aboriginal Centre // #RoadTripMelbourne

May 27, 2014

Day 3 of #RoadTripMelbourne began at a gorgeous shabby chic cafe on the Warrnambool waterfront called Pavilion Cafe & Bar. As we were munching on our breakfast, we watched horses being lead through the ocean (I assume this is for training, I’m not really sure) and went for a short wander down the piers outside the cafe and then hit the road.
Our first stop was Tower Hill State Game Reserve, which is an amazing place to enjoy the Australian bush whilst getting up close and personal with some of our most famous wildlife. As we entered, we were greeted by a cute little wallaby hopping around the hills, as well as koalas and emus.
Our amazing tour guide told us all about the Aboriginal customs from the area, the history of the park and gave us information on the types of plants and trees. He also gave us a bit of a demonstration on how to throw a boomerang. Marina was good at it, but Marta and I were rubbish haha.
After Tower Hill, we said goodbye to the coast and headed inland towards The Grampians. After about a 2.5 hour drive we finally arrived at the Aboriginal cultural centre called Brambuk. We were all starving and when we arrived we were treated to a bush tucker lunch. This consisted of a bowl of salad, damper, various bush spices and relishes, and kangaroo, emu sausage and crocodile.
We were then given a guided tour of the cultural centre by one of the extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff there. Below is a picture of the translations of quite a few Aboriginal images, which you can use to create your own story and paint it on a boomerang.
We spent the night in gorgeous self-contained cabins in Halls Gap called DULC. We each had our own cabin which overlooked the Australian bush. For dinner we went to a local place called Kookaburra and had some good ol' fashioned, and a little bit fancy, pub grub.

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