Brisbane Bound

June 25, 2014

Over the weekend I flew to Brisbane for work. I love being able to say that. I've been working on an event called Stadium Stomp and our first installment for the year was in Brisbane. However I will be doing a full blog post on that this week. We were only in Brisbane for about 5 days and got half a day free to go explore the city. We were staying at the Marriott Hotel so we were super close to the CBD, Queen Street Mall and Brisbane River.
The one thing I found about Brisbane that is very similar to Melbourne, is that you don't go to tick off a list of landmarks that you've visited, although there are plenty of famous landmarks in Queensland. You go to enjoy the city and live the Aussie lifestyle. The Brisbane lifestyle is a bit more surfy and a bit less hipster in comparison to Melbourne though. And much much warmer!
I really loved all the old colonial (I think that's the right word) buildings and all the cool tropical plants that are so different to Melbourne. The Brisbane River is lined with mangroves, which always makes for an interesting walk.
After a hard half-a-day of exploring, we settled back into our hotel room (with this view ⇞) to do some more work before we had to get up at 3:20am for Stadium Stomp!

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