Sydney Streets

July 29, 2014

Over the weekend I was up in Sydney for an event I've been working on called Stadium Stomp, and because we're such an awesome team, we basically had the day before the event off to explore the sights. After our morning trip to Bondi, we headed back into the city to roam the streets and see what we could find. I went to Sydney last year and did every touristy thing imaginable so I wasn't too fussed with what we did. We ended up walking down to Circular Quay and then back to Hyde Park. Here are some of the snaps I took along the way...

Saturday Morning Bondi

July 26, 2014

I can only remember going to Bondi once in my life and I probably would've been about 3, so this was basically my first trip there. Memories before the age of 5 don't count. I dragged everyone out of bed at about 8:30am so we could go explore. Because what's the point of being somewhere different if you're not out and about.

Rummaging Through The Fitzroy Market

July 21, 2014

I think it's safe to say that Melbourne loves markets. But they can't be just any old market, they have to have a bit of a hipster edge to them. The Fitzroy Market is no different. I s'pose being in Fitzroy you wouldn't expect anything less. If you're unfamiliar with the area, Fitzroy is kind of like the Camden of Melbourne, minus the canal. I always find that the markets on the Fitzroy side of Melbourne are a bit more affordable than the one's on the other side of the river.

Third Wing South Yarra

July 15, 2014

South Yarra has got to be in my top 3 favourite Melbourne suburbs. I would give anything to live in one of the old town houses. It's also filled with shopping gems like this little store around the corner from the famous Chapel Street shopping district. Third Wing houses a gorgeous array of multicultural homewares, jewellery and accessories from local and international designers. When you step into this treasure trove, you're immersed in everything from New York street art, Moroccan homewares and hand carved African pieces, amongst gorgeous bohemian jewellery and quirky gifts.

Time To Wander

After Work Parma at Honey, South Melbourne

July 9, 2014

So lately my life has been pretty much consumed by work, which is fine for me, but not particularly fine for my blog. I'm currently working 2 jobs, which take up about 6 days a week, so having a life outside of that is a bit difficult. However after work the other night, my friend and I decided to give Honey Bar's $12 Parma Tuesdays a go. Let's just say there's 0 regrets here.