Lights, Camera, Action! at The Backlot Studios

August 28, 2014

I love that I can still find quirky and unique places in Melbourne even though I've lived here all my life. We were invited down to The Backlot Studios, just outside the Melbourne CBD, to be introduced to a British crisp company that are newly launching in Australia called Tyrrell's Crisps. Of course we couldn't just eat chips, as delicious as they are, that wouldn't be much fun on a night out. So The Backlot Studios put on the British classic Bridget Jones' Diary for us to giggle at whilst chowing down on potato chips.

Reimagine Emporium By Baz Luhrmann

August 21, 2014

When Baz Luhrmann invites you to a party, you know it's going to be good. However the Emporium Melbourne Official Launch was more than I ever could've imagined! Entering you're transformed into a world of wonder with glimpses of the movies we all know and love, as well as reimagining all that makes Melbourne so special and unique. I feel so lucky to have been given an invite to such a breath-taking and whimsical event!

Detours Melbourne Launch // Trunk Bar

August 20, 2014

What's that?

Melbourne has been voted the World's Most Liveable City for the fourth year in a row?!

I guess you should probably get your butts down here already!

Kate Spade Emporium Melbourne

August 17, 2014

Finally Australia has it's very first Kate Spade New York store and, well, it's beautiful. Kate Spade has probably been my favourite accessories designer for the past couple of years now but I can never bring myself to spend that much money online without having a play with the product first. So having this brand new store at Emporium Melbourne means my bank account is going to take a massive blow.

Australia's First Cat Cafe!

August 10, 2014

I really dislike the idea of being a dog or a cat person. I’ve always grown up with dogs, however being a person of the Internet, cats are also an obsession. So when I heard that Melbourne was finally going to be opening our very own cat cafe, I climbed aboard that bandwagon as fast as I could. Only days after launching the Indiegogo campaign, they had my money, and only 3 weeks after they opened, there I was at their doorstep. Frankly I’m surprised that it took me a whole 3 weeks!

Dear Self, Just Go! {Closed}

August 8, 2014

The Big Blog Exchange is on again this year and String Of Events is striving for one of those coveted 16 places! If you're unfamiliar with The Big Blog Exchanged, it's basically a world-wide competition where 16 lucky winners get the trip of a lifetime and exchange blogs and countries with another winner for an amazing blog adventure!