Australia's First Cat Cafe!

August 10, 2014

I really dislike the idea of being a dog or a cat person. I’ve always grown up with dogs, however being a person of the Internet, cats are also an obsession. So when I heard that Melbourne was finally going to be opening our very own cat cafe, I climbed aboard that bandwagon as fast as I could. Only days after launching the Indiegogo campaign, they had my money, and only 3 weeks after they opened, there I was at their doorstep. Frankly I’m surprised that it took me a whole 3 weeks!
Located at the top end of Queen Street, the Cat Cafe Melbourne is the newest must-do attraction in this fine city. I booked my visit minutes after the bookings opened via my iPhone on the train heading into the city, and was counting down the days until it was my turn to visit.
Once inside, you’re greeted with around 7-13 (depending on when you visit) of the friendliest and chilled cats you’ve ever met. All of which were rescued from animal shelters. I made it my mission to learn their names, although I haven’t quite remembered all of them. My favourite was Winter, but equally as cute was Ruby, Burma, Sherlock and Lexi. I’m sorry, they’re all the names I can remember. You’ll just have to visit to find out the rest.
As you can see from the photos poor little Ruby only has one eye, but she’s cute as a button and loves cuddles! There is also another kitty with only one eye. This is because they had eye infections as kittens, but who could’ve imagined a better life for them than at the Cat Cafe.
I have to say that I’m a tad jealous of the wonderful people that work at Cat Cafe Melbourne. #BestJobEver much? They were all really lovely and chatted to us about the adorable cats. I’ll definitely be back to visit soon!

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