Reimagine Emporium By Baz Luhrmann

August 21, 2014

When Baz Luhrmann invites you to a party, you know it's going to be good. However the Emporium Melbourne Official Launch was more than I ever could've imagined! Entering you're transformed into a world of wonder with glimpses of the movies we all know and love, as well as reimagining all that makes Melbourne so special and unique. I feel so lucky to have been given an invite to such a breath-taking and whimsical event!

Kylie? Is that you?
Wherever you went there was a spectacle to see. From gorgeous singers, fiery dancers, beautiful models, and glitter, so much glitter! If you were lucky enough, you might have even caught a glimpse of the Baz Lurhrmann in the flesh. I fumbled for my camera as he walked past me but didn't really get any decent photos, but you could always tell where he was by the cameras that followed.
Thank you to Emporium Melbourne and all those involved in organising this event. It was definitely a night to remember!

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