Eureka Climb 2014

November 17, 2014

If you're unaware, the Eureka Tower is the tallest building in Australia and the Eureka Climb is, well, just that. A stair climb to the top!
I've been lucky enough to have been working on this event which raises money for two great charities, Interplast and Whitelion. Despite the rain and the fog the event was a huge success for all involved. The cloud cover made visibility low at the Level 88 viewing area/finish line but it showed participants that they'd literally ran up 1,642 stairs into the clouds! No amount of weather could dampen our spirits!
I was also lucky enough to go up onto the rooftop of the Eureka Tower and peer over the edge. Let's just say I was holding onto the railing pretty tight. Unfortunately, due to safety reasons, you're not allowed to take anything loose out onto the roof so I couldn't get any photos. You can probably imagine how I felt being up there though.

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I had a great day and met some amazing people along the way. So far we've raised almost $200,000 with online donations, which is an amazing effort. Thank you to all involved for a great day and thank you to our amazing volunteers for helping us out!

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