Glass Merchants

November 4, 2014

The best places are the ones you stumble upon completely by accident. I was drawn to the exterior of Glass Merchants by of the amazing street art, but ended up staying for the incredible interior!
It was pretty hard to go past their scrumptious sounding sandwiches, so my friend and I got one each. My friend went for a chicken and avocado, and I got an American style beef and picked cabbage number. It was devoured it in minutes. My friend said hers was delicious, but you can never trust someone who actually likes avocado. I'm sure it was fine...

Avocado is the devil.
The first thing I notice when I walked in was this incredible sign! Can I have one please? There's a lot of amazing decor in Glass Merchants, but the Cocktails & Dreams sign really takes the cake!
Overall a great experience. I'd definitely recommend it! Although I slightly regret not getting waffles, especially after seeing a picture on their Facebook!

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