New Shanghai Night Noodle Market Preview

November 12, 2014

If you're from Melbourne you're probably equally as excited as I am that the Night Noodle Market is returning. New Shanghai are debuting at the NNM this year and invited us down to their restaurant for a sneak preview!
Of course we had to start the night off with some delicious cocktails. I slurped down a Midori Illusion, while my friend had a Long Island Iced Tea. Our fist dish was the classic pork dumpling and these one's were to die for! Followed by vegetarian dumplings/dim sum, which is always my first choice.
We washed them down with a couple of Mojitos whilst Katherine from ordered us some dishes to share. We had deep fried tofu coated with salted egg yolk, which was good, but tofu weirds me out a bit. As well as stir fried Chinese rice cake, which was delicious!
Hands down my favourite dish was the dumplings (pork I think) with peanut butter and cucumber. Absolutely incredible! I could've eaten the whole plate! If you want to check out New Shanghai they'll be at the Night Noodle Markets from the 14th of November, or you can visit them at their restaurant at Emporium Melbourne.

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