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January 7, 2015

Surprise! I'm in Brisbane! I flew up yesterday morning to surprise my friend Lana on her birthday, and for a bit of a summer vacation. Today we spent most of the day shopping and chillin' in the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens.
I got a little bit excited because, well, LIZARDS! There were bearded dragons everywhere! I think I took about 30 photos just of lizards so the fact that I managed to cut that down to just 4 is a pretty good effort. Lana was less impressed. In fact she was scared of them. Pfft, they don't even bite... hard.
10 points if you can spot the frog in the photo below! (FROGS!)
I've also been testing out a new camera that I just got (Canon Powershot G7X) and I'm pretty happy with how these photos turned out. The Brisbane City Botanic Gardens are a definite must-see and it's only a 5min walk from the Queen Street Mall.

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