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January 12, 2015

Have you ever had sweet potato fries before? Because until today I'd never had sweet potato fries, and I think my life may have just been changed forever.
After a hard day's touristing, my friend and I decided to grab lunch at The Fox Hotel in South Bank, Brisbane. Of course we went straight for the rooftop because everything tastes better with a view and quickly discovered that we were literally the only ones there. We did find out that you do have to order your food downstairs first and then bring it upstairs, but we didn't mind.
I ordered a lamb burger and my friend ordered the beef brisket burger. What I didn't realise when ordering my burger was that it came with possibly one of the most delicious foods I've ever tasted, sweet potato fries. I mean just look at those crispy, golden beauties. The burger was pretty good and I'd recommend it, but the sweet potato fries, I think I could probably live on them forever.
The one annoying thing was you can't make any changes to the burgers and my friend hates sauces. We thought we could scrape it off but it was really squished in and she only ended up eating about half of her burger because of it. The burger was by no means bad, but when you don't like one particular ingredient and you can't remove it, it kind of ruins the whole meal.
Overall I really liked The Fox. The burgers were $15 and came with a drink which I though was pretty reasonable. The Rooftop decor was really cute too and I doubt you could get a much better view of Brisbane.

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