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January 16, 2015

I'm slowly becoming more adventurous with pizza toppings and a visit to Tartufo Ristorante in Emporium Brisbane gave me the perfect reason to try something new.
We were out for dinner for my friend's birthday so of course it was cocktails all round! For pizza choices I went with the Capricciosa with champagne ham, artichokes, mushrooms and olives as toppings. My friend went with the Primavera with cherry tomatoes, prosciutto, rucola and basil as toppings, and her friend had the Vegitariana which yes, you guessed it, is a vegetarian pizza.
I have to say hands down that it easily in the top 3 pizzas I've ever eaten! I was so happy with my choice and everyone else seemed to love their pizzas too. The base was delicious and definitely made the pizza. I loved this pizza so much that I've been inspired to make a pasta dish with artichoke and olives, two things I've never really liked before.
The Brisbane Emporium also looked gorgeous with all the fairy lights climbing up the palm trees at night. A great place to eat and drink on a night out in Brisbane.

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