Fonda Mexican Windsor

February 9, 2015

I stumbled across Fonda Mexican a couple of weeks ago when I was on Chapel Street with my Dad and we decided to have lunch there. I had the Mexican Meatball burrito and absolutely loved it! From that moment I knew I wanted to go back to Fonda.
The other night I went back with my friend for dinner. I started with the Charred Corn, which was smothered in Chipotle aioli, queso, fresh lime. This was seriously delicious! I could've just ordered several of these and had them for dinner they were that good! (mental note: buy some chipotle aioli and make these at home)
For a main I had the Grilled Chicken Ensaladas. Honestly I think I just like saying Ensalads. The salad included quinoa, black beans, coriander, fresh corn, sweet potato, mint, peas and lemon vinaigrette. I was very happy with this choice. It was extremely tasty, filling and healthy! My friend had the Braised Beef Taco with lime infused cactus, arbol chilli salsa, guacamole, pimento berries, shaved cabbage. Yes you read that right, lime infused cactus. It tasted a little bit like pickles. She also enjoyed her meal but said she was a bit disappointing with the beef and it could've used a bit more flavour. 
There seem to be a lot of mixed reviews of Fonda Mexican on Urbanspoon. I really loved it and would definitely go back. I s'pose sometimes it's just luck of the draw with the experience you have at restaurants. I would say get there early as it was absolutely packed by 7:30pm.

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