Tanked Kitchen Launch at Less Than Zero

February 3, 2015

I was recently invited to taste some culinary delights at the Tanked Kitchen launch at Less Than Zero bar in South Yarra. If you are unaware (like I was) Tanked Kitchen is a collaboration between Melbourne restaurant Hammer & Tong and Less Than Zero bar to create and serve modern bar snacks. 
We were served up a variety of nibbles including crispy chicken ribs with fish fang sauce, surf n turf fritters (which tasted a bit like falafels), avocado briont toast with philly cheese, sliders and for dessert we finished with sumac strawberries, yoghurt panna cotta and walnut crumble (picture below).

We really loved the dishes and found it was a refreshing change from the usual greasy bar food. The prices are pretty reasonable too. I'd definitely reccommend going and checking it out. Less Than Zero is a really cool place and has an awesome stalking people watching upstairs area.

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