White Night Wonderland

February 23, 2015

The third annual White Night Melbourne event graced our city over the weekend and since I wasn't able to make it last year, I thought I'd better pop by this year. Although it didn't take much convincing once I saw that there was whimsical Alice In Wonderland projections.
We started our night at the State Library of Victoria where the main hall had a Wonderland inspired projection installation called Eat Me. It was absolutely incredible, and if you were lucky enough you might've even seen the Cheshire Cat.
On the way out we had a quick look at the Bohemian Melbourne exhibition, which is showcasing the best of Melbourne's artistic and creative types.
We pushed through the crowds down to Alexandra Gardens because we'd heard that there was glow in the dark ice cream. Yes, you heard right, GLOW IN THE DARK ICE CREAM. Well it actually only glows under a black light, but good enough. However when we got there, there was only one glowing flavour left which was Redskin. We were watching people in front of us buying that flavour and it really wasn't glowing like the Pine/Lime flavour was, so I just opted for a normal flavour.
(above) Chocolate Brownie ice cream, (below) 'Glowing' Redskin ice cream
We finished off the night at the National Gallery of Victoria and at around 1am, headed to the train station to go home. 

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