Munich Brauhaus Melbourne

April 12, 2015

Melbourne is one of the world's most multicultural cities, which means you can find almost every kind of cuisine imaginable. Today we took a trip to Germany for my friend's birthday and visited South Wharf's Munich Brauhaus.
I was told that the cocktails were very good and quite generous in size for the price, so naturally, I bought one. It was tiny. It was delicious, but I always try not to overpay for cocktails, and I definitely did in this instance. I then swapped to the cider called Gruner Apfel Cider, and I have to say it was one of the best ciders I've ever had.
Dinner arrived and of course we had to get a pretzel each, because pretzels. They were amazing. I actually think if I go back I'd just get pretzels for dinner. My friend and I also shared a Kase Kransky, which is smoked pork and beef sausage filled with Swiss cheese. I'm glad we split a meal, because for someone who's on a budget, the meals are a bit on the pricy side too.
We were entertained all night long with what I assume is traditional German entertainment, although it was most definitely touristed up a bit. I really loved the Munich Brauhaus, and although some of the options are a bit expensive, there are plenty of cheaper drinks and meals you can opt for, i.e. cider and pretzels! For a bit of a different night out, I recommend checking it out.

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