Dallas & Fort Worth Stock Yards

August 26, 2015

Our next stop in Texas was the city of Dallas. Instantly you could tell that this was a rich city. We had a full day in Dallas to explore, so I packed as much in as possible. 
Our first stop was the Sixth Floor Museum which celebrates the life and work of President John F. Kennedy. It is also the location of where he was assassinated in 1963. I've seen a couple of documentaries on this so I found the museum very fascinating. It's really interesting to see just how many conspiracy theories there are.
Next up I decided to take a look at the Dallas World Aquarium. Let's just say I was a little bit excited. There were so many animals that I'd never seen before, but the one the really got me excited was the flamingos. My Alice In Wonderland senses were definitely tingling.
We then headed out of Dallas to check out AT&T Stadium, better know as the Cowboys Stadium. From there we kept heading out of the city until we hit Fort Worth. We had the option to go to a rodeo, however I chose not too. I'm glad I made that decision too as a couple of people walked out half way through and more people said they found it a bit uncomfortable. Instead I got to check out this cool cowboy town.
After a night of playing cowgirl in Fort Worth, we headed back to Dallas to catch some shut eye. 

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