Monument Valley & Durango

August 21, 2015

America really does have some incredibly unique and diverse landscapes. One of the stops I was most looking forward to was Monument Valley, and it's pretty easy to see why.
Monument Valley is absolutely breathtaking. It's completely different to anything else I've ever seen, and chances are will ever see. You really could just sit there and stare for hours. We were also blessed with perfect weather, which only made it look more incredible.
After our stop at Monument Valley, we crossed into the state of Colorado and headed to the town of Durango for the night. Once again, a completely different landscape to anything else we've seen so far. Colorado is known for it's winter sports so we were surrounded by mountains and forests.
Today was a fantastic day of polar opposites and probably my favourite day so far. The town of Durango was adorable and I would've loved to have stayed there for an extra day to explore a bit more.

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