Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon & Zion National Park

November 15, 2015

Three more national parks in three days. We actually we went to Bryce Canyon after the second visit to Yellowstone, so technically four national parks in three days. We were really getting our nature on.
It's hard to describe Bryce Canyon as anything other than breathtaking. The formations and colours of the rock were unlike anything I'd ever seen. We decided we'd go for a hike to the bottom and back, which was a fantastic idea considering I'd been sitting on a bus for almost 2 months. Let's just say I wasn't at my peak physical fitness. I finished the hike in the front group though so I wasn't too embarrassing.
The next day it was back to the Grand Canyon for the second time this trip. This time we were at the North Rim, last time it was the South. We didn't stay overnight at the Canyon like last time. We just took a day trip there, and since there were not helicopter rides on offer, we decided to go on another hike. Mainly for the squirrel spotting. After the hike we sun baked overlooking the Canyon for a good hour or so.
That night we stayed in another one street town called Kanab. We ate fried chicken, mac and cheese and ice cream and bought even more souvenirs. I'm a sucker for a souvenir shop.
The next day we jumped back on the bus to head to Las Vegas, but not before stopping at Zion National Park. As we entered the park we encountered a herd of mountain goat who stood there eyeing us off. Unlike the other Canyons, we actually got to drive right down into the valley of Zion and went for a walk along the river.
We saw a Rock Squirrel which of course I got super excited about, and a deer with pretty impressive antlers. Some of the other people on my tour who took a different walk route were lucky enough to see a tarantula. Spiders are definitely not my favourite thing but it still would've been cool to see.
We spent a few hours in the park, embracing the last little bit of nature before we were off to Las Vegas... again. The trip is slowly but surely coming to an end.

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