Las Vegas... Take Two

November 17, 2015

55 Days, 37 US States and 2 Canadian Provinces later and we're back to our very first stop... Las Vegas. Vegas hasn't exactly been my favourite place we've visited, but as it's the last stop on the tour I knew I had to embrace it.
If you haven't see the blog post from the first visit to Las Vegas, you can click here to read that. There were a few more casinos that I hadn't explored the first time around so I needed to tick them off the list. One of them being the Venition which, you guessed it, is Italian themed. Inside the shopping mall you can take a gondola right from one end to the other whilst munching on gelato. Who needs to go to Venice when you've got this? (that was a joke btw)
It was now well and truly Fall (aka Autumn) in the U.S.A so of course everything was themed with brightly coloured leaves and pumpkins. We stopped in at the Bellagio Casino again to see how their entrance hall had changed and found this unbelievable Autumn display. Some of the trees even talked!
We then walked the entire length of the strip checking out all the casinos one last time. We had dinner at Hooters one of the nights (because when in America...) and made the most of our last few nights together.
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