Quebec City & Montreal | Canada!

November 3, 2015

Enter Canada! I'd been looking forward to getting into Canada for so long because everyone always says it's very similar to Australia, however our first stop was Quebec City which was almost as if we'd suddenly flown to Europe.
Being French Canada, you can understand why the city looks so European and everyone speaks French. We spent most of the time asking people if they spoke English, in French of course, and for the most part everyone did. It was such a beautiful and fascinating city and unlike anywhere else we'd been in the USA.
Next up was the slightly less French, but still very French influenced city of Montreal. We firstly had a brilliant birds eye view of the city from the highest lookout before heading down to the waterfront for a full on jet boat ride. The jet boat ride was up there with one of the best things I've done on this whole trip. It was like being in a washing machine, but stupid amounts of fun. We were front row of course.
The next day I visited the Montreal Biodome and Botanic Gardens. I was a tad excited to see animals that I'd never seen before, like the Capybara, Raccoon and Puffin! Unfortunately for me the beavers were sleeping so we didn't get to see them :'(
The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the CBD, shopping and winding our way through the underground city. 

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