French Rivera

September 22, 2016

When you think of the French Rivera all the glitz and glamour immediately comes to mind. You're picturing stunning beaches, beautifully tanned people and maybe even a particular film festival. Well, all those assumptions are all pretty much true.
We were lucky enough to spend an entire day exploring the beautiful town of Nice. Strolling along the foreshore you can see why it's a go-to destination for the rich and famous. The water is perfect, there's a mixture of old and new architecture, and it's generally just a laid back kind of place.
A must-do is Nice is visit Glacier Fenocchio, a gelateria in old town famous for it's range of weird and wonderful flavours. Of course you can choose your usual strawberry or chocolate, but why would you when you can have beer, cactus, tomato and basil or mojito flavoured gelato? Of course I went for the cactus flavour and it was surprisingly tasty. 10/10 would recommend.

Lunch was a bit tricky. France isn't the easiest place to find vegan food, but with a bit of hunting I managed to find Da Flavio Milano Bar which had an amazing vegetarian pizza that I got without cheese. They even had the word 'vegan' on the menu which was super helpful. It was so delicious too, just looking at the picture makes me nostalgic for that pizza.
That evening we drove around the coastline to visit the ever glamorous Monaco. We popped a bottle of bubbles and sipped it in our fancy plastic cups whilst overlooking this tiny country.
We spent the evening trying our luck at the famous Monte Carlo casino. Only one of us won anything decent so we pretty much cut out loses and watched the high rollers. 

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