July 21, 2014

Rummaging Through The Fitzroy Market

I think it's safe to say that Melbourne loves markets. But they can't be just any old market, they have to have a bit of a hipster edge to them. The Fitzroy Market is no different. I s'pose being in Fitzroy you wouldn't expect anything less. If you're unfamiliar with the area, Fitzroy is kind of like the Camden of Melbourne, minus the canal. I always find that the markets on the Fitzroy side of Melbourne are a bit more affordable than the one's on the other side of the river.
There were some amazing vintage pieces, plenty of designer labels like Ted Baker, Alice McCall and Moschino, and cheap second hand clothing. A lot of the stalls were stocked with beefy woolen jumpers perfect for Melbourne's current chilly temperatures, and lots and lots of interesting shoes.
These floral arrangements for $10 were absolutely beautiful from Love Alice & Co. I mean $10! How can you go wrong?!
 Kitty tie! ⇞
Alice McCall dress for $100 ⇞
And last but definitely not least, the food! I bought 5 meringues for $5, including a gin and tonic flavoured one! A red velvet cupcake and a scrumptious Wagyu beef and mozzarella cheese Piadina for $10. I'm definitely going to be heading back to The Fitzroy Market as soon as possible!

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July 15, 2014

Third Wing South Yarra

South Yarra has got to be in my top 3 favourite Melbourne suburbs. I would give anything to live in one of the old town houses. It's also filled with shopping gems like this little store around the corner from the famous Chapel Street shopping district. Third Wing houses a gorgeous array of multicultural homewares, jewellery and accessories from local and international designers. When you step into this treasure trove, you're immersed in everything from New York street art, Moroccan homewares and hand carved African pieces, amongst gorgeous bohemian jewellery and quirky gifts.
I was so tempted to buy one of these plastic hamburgers, but decided to go for a woven coin bracelet. I figured I probably use it more often haha. Third Wing is definitely a unique place to buy presents. You'll know no one else will buy the same thing!
One day my house will look like this store!

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July 9, 2014

After Work Parma at Honey, South Melbourne

So lately my life has been pretty much consumed by work, which is fine for me, but not particularly fine for my blog. I'm currently working 2 jobs, which take up about 6 days a week, so having a life outside of that is a bit difficult. However after work the other night, my friend and I decided to give Honey Bar's $12 Parma Tuesdays a go. Let's just say there's 0 regrets here.
Honey Bar is located on Clarendon St in South Melbourne and serves delicious glorified pub grub, which is easily one of my favourite types of food because you general know exactly what to expect. We were both super impressed with this parma though. The chips were all sorts of amazing too! And of course you can't have dinner without dessert, so we decided to split a Sticky Date Pudding afterwards, which was only $10. Pretty good deal in my books.
I'm going to try and find something to blog about this weekend because I think I have Saturday off. I'm also going to Sydney in about 2 weeks so I'm going to try and get some cool content out of that too!

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June 29, 2014

Eat Street Markets Brisbane

Following on from my last post at Mecca Bah, my friend suggested we head to the Eat Street Markets, which has apparently becoming something of an institution in Brisbane. I'm definitely not one to turn down the offer of shopping, so we jumped in the car and headed over 30mins before it was meant to close.
The Eat Street Markets are probably some of the best markets I've been to in Australia. They didn't have cheap touristy crap like the daytime Queen Vic Melbourne Markets do. They had an assortment of vintage clothing and homewares, arts and crafts, ridiculous amounts of food (always a win), local designers and fairy lights for days! 
The highlight of the night was definitely finding this floral bombshell! Once you step inside you're encased with tropical flowers and 3, 2, 1 *smile!* you get your photo taken and printed out as awesome photobooth photos. However because Hippy Snaps know exactly what their customers want, ie awesome photos of themselves, they also upload the photos to Facebook for you to download and tag yourself in!
⇞ Derp ⇞
The Eat Street Markets are a must-do if you're visiting Brisbane. I would love to go again and I really hope Hippy Snaps open a Melbourne branch haha.

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