August 21, 2014

Reimagine Emporium By Baz Luhrmann

When Baz Luhrmann invites you to a party, you know it's going to be good. However the Emporium Melbourne Official Launch was more than I ever could've imagined! Entering you're transformed into a world of wonder with glimpses of the movies we all know and love, as well as reimagining all that makes Melbourne so special and unique. I feel so lucky to have been given an invite to such a breath-taking and whimsical event!
Kylie? Is that you?
Wherever you went there was a spectacle to see. From gorgeous singers, fiery dancers, beautiful models, and glitter, so much glitter! If you were lucky enough, you might have even caught a glimpse of the Baz Lurhrmann in the flesh. I fumbled for my camera as he walked past me but didn't really get any decent photos, but you could always tell where he was by the cameras that followed.
Thank you to Emporium Melbourne and all those involved in organising this event. It was definitely a night to remember!

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August 20, 2014

Detours Melbourne Launch // Trunk Bar

What's that?

Melbourne has been voted the World's Most Liveable City for the fourth year in a row?!

I guess you should probably get your butts down here already!
Melbourne has always been a city of experiences. You don't come to Melbourne with a checklist of sights like you do Sydney, and once you've seen the attractions, you move on - No - Melbourne you have to actually dig a little deeper.

If it seems like you don't know where to start, I have the answer right here! Detours Melbourne is a brand new tour company ready to show you the hidden gems and forgotten stories of this wonderful city. To launch, Detours have two guided walking tours on the menu; Melbourne 101 and Dirty Little Secrets.
Melbourne 101 is for all you newbies. It'll make sure you've truly 'done' Melbourne by taking you to all our must-see attractions, as well as some back alleys, hidden gems and you'll get to chat to people who've shaped this city. By the end, you'll understand why this is the World's Most Liveable City. 

Dirty Little Secrets takes you through the dark side of Melbourne. If you like the controversial, street art, police sieges, murders, hustlers, places of ill repute and hidden bars, Dirty Little Secrets is definitely for you. As a Melbournian, this is the tour I'm most excited about!
Not a guided tour type of person? Like to experience cities on your own accord? Well Detours have you covered with their Daily Briefing

The Daily Briefing is Detours' way of working with you for an hour on creating the ultimate self-guided tour tailored just for you. Want to see Melbourne's best hidden street art? Detours will mark it on the map. Obsessed with crafts? Detours will pinpoint the stores you need to visit! It can be as quirky as you want it to be.
Detours Melbourne have kindly given me two free tour vouchers which I'm going to be selfish with and use them both on myself! I'll definitely blog about each tour - well not in too much detail, don't want to spoil it for you - so you know the best way to explore Melbourne for the first time (or the hundredth) is to Take A Detour!

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August 17, 2014

Kate Spade Emporium Melbourne

Finally Australia has it's very first Kate Spade New York store and, well, it's beautiful. Kate Spade has probably been my favourite accessories designer for the past couple of years now but I can never bring myself to spend that much money online without having a play with the product first. So having this brand new store at Emporium Melbourne means my bank account is going to take a massive blow.
My shopping list is growing every time I look at these photos or trawl the online store. So far this bag ↡ is #1, as well as the adorable gold music note necklace further down and one of the wallets. Only problem is Kate Spade has just announced their Hello Tokyo collection, and I'm a tad obsessed with Japan.

Sorry bank account.
✶✶ So shiny ✶ ✶
I still have $100 left on the Emporium gift card I won so I think it might have to go towards a new wallet from Kate Spade. If you live in Melbourne, have you visited the store yet? What did you think? Are you as obsessed with Kate Spade as I am?

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August 10, 2014

Australia's First Cat Cafe!

I really dislike the idea of being a dog or a cat person. I’ve always grown up with dogs, however being a person of the Internet, cats are also an obsession. So when I heard that Melbourne was finally going to be opening our very own cat cafe, I climbed aboard that bandwagon as fast as I could. Only days after launching the Indiegogo campaign, they had my money, and only 3 weeks after they opened, there I was at their doorstep. Frankly I’m surprised that it took me a whole 3 weeks!
Located at the top end of Queen Street, the Cat Cafe Melbourne is the newest must-do attraction in this fine city. I booked my visit minutes after the bookings opened via my iPhone on the train heading into the city, and was counting down the days until it was my turn to visit.
Once inside, you’re greeted with around 7-13 (depending on when you visit) of the friendliest and chilled cats you’ve ever met. All of which were rescued from animal shelters. I made it my mission to learn their names, although I haven’t quite remembered all of them. My favourite was Winter, but equally as cute was Ruby, Burma, Sherlock and Lexi. I’m sorry, they’re all the names I can remember. You’ll just have to visit to find out the rest.
As you can see from the photos poor little Ruby only has one eye, but she’s cute as a button and loves cuddles! There is also another kitty with only one eye. This is because they had eye infections as kittens, but who could’ve imagined a better life for them than at the Cat Cafe.
I have to say that I’m a tad jealous of the wonderful people that work at Cat Cafe Melbourne. #BestJobEver much? They were all really lovely and chatted to us about the adorable cats. I’ll definitely be back to visit soon!

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August 8, 2014

Dear Self, Just Go! {International Giveaway}

The Big Blog Exchange is on again this year and String Of Events is striving for one of those coveted 16 places! If you're unfamiliar with The Big Blog Exchanged, it's basically a world-wide competition where 16 lucky winners get the trip of a lifetime and exchange blogs and countries with another winner for an amazing blog adventure! 

To get into the top 16, you need to be in the top 25 of your category (Asia & Oceania for me) by September 3rd. This is where you help out! Below are instructions on how to vote for String Of Events and how to enter this awesome INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY! (keep scrolling for how to win).

The Prize!

Bitch Please... I'm A Mermaid notebook
Dear Self, Just Go! travel case
Global Citizen passport holder
Pastel Zig Zag pen

How To Enter

1. Click this link & click 'Vote For Me'
2. Enter your email address & click 'Ok'
3. Verify the vote via an email The Big Blog Exchange will send you
(check your junk mail if it doesn't show up) 
4. Click the verification link in the email to make your vote count!
5. Fill out the Rafflecopter widget below...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions
  • Neither String Of Events or The Big Blog Exchange will be collecting your email addresses. They are only used to verify the vote, verify the Rafflecopter entry and contact the winner.
  • String Of Events will pay the shipping costs.
  • Giveaway will be open for the duration stated on the Rafflecopter widget above.
  • This giveaway is open Internationally. 
  • The winner will be selected randomly via the Rafflecopter widget and contacted by String Of Events.
  • This giveaway is run by String Of Events and is in no way affiliated with The Big Blog Exchange.

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